The Hope that US carries resonates with South Asia

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The women of South Asia first showed the world about women’s possibilities as the head of government.

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Lately, I wrote an article about How the hope of US first woman president resonates with the South Asian dream?

In my childhood, looking at missionaries who advocate about women empowerement, I had a mindset, if their country had everything well about women rights. In developed countries like America and Europe, people started talking about Women’s rights; they celebrated Women’s day a century back. Margaret Thatcher led the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990. Norway, Finland, and other few European countries also had women as the head of the state/government, but thousands of miles away from Europe and America, South Asian Women actually celebrated this glorious feat. It was the women of South Asia who first showed the world about women's possibilities as the head of government.

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When the British left South Asia in the 1950s, South Asia's society was busy addressing religion, caste, and creed differences. The independence movement, war post freedom, and civil war had consumed lots of resources. The issues faced by women were not of the utmost importance to the government.

It was the women of South Asia who showed the world about the possibilities of Women as the head of the government.

Since the colonial era, South Asia, home of diversity and one-third of the world population, always remained at the center of attention because of poor infrastructure, low human development index, and deep-rooted patriarchal society. When women leading a country were unthinkable at the time of history, women of South Asia, the least developed and colonized nations globally, changed the global perception of women’s strength and leadership. Their women have led and served the nation before anyone else in the world.

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