I am Okay!

I hope you are too.

Hey Friends and Family,

I hope this email finds you well.

It's so long since I wrote an email to you. Yeah, it's pretty long.

Since my last and the only email, France had two lockdowns to resolve the pandemic issues. I am okay and I am doing better.

Currently, I am doing my final semester internship and I hope to finish it by the end of September.

I haven’t written much lately, but for the past 75 days, I am speaking about online bullying. In my article, The dark side of roast videos that youtube doesn’t want to show you, I have written how roast videos have dominated YouTube and how their effect has been ignored by YouTube. So, I have been asking questions to YouTube every day through my videos (sorry, most of the videos are in Nepali) and tweets. Although I am not getting so much support, small support and feedback I receive from my friends and family help me to continue it.

Dear Friends, I hope everything is fine with you.

A few days back, I wrote an article Three Myths of Dating and Marriage for the Healthy, Happy, Strong Relationships Debunked. I hope you love them.

I will soon write to you again, and I hope to write more in the coming days.

If you are looking to read some stories on Motherhood, you can find them. Our editors and writers have written exceptional and beautiful stories as a prompt for Dreams and Stories publication in May 2021.

See you. 

Suraj Ghimire


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